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Teaching Resources Update

Selma – Holocaust Memorial Day – Teaching Trailers

The Martin Luther King speeches in Selma 

In the absence of a license from the King Estate no original material from the speeches of Doctor King that are subject to copyright is used in the Oscar-nominated film Selma. The stirring speeches given by the Martin Luther King character in Selma were the creation of British screenwriter Paul Webb, with input from director Ava DuVernay, but definitely capture the spirit and passion of Dr. King’s original words.

The Film Space’s new online resource features a series of curriculum-focused and engaging classroom activities exploring different aspects of Ava DuVernay’s film Selma

Designed primarily for students of history, English, citizenship and religious studies aged 14-18 the Selma resource may also be used in PSHEE.

Offering a range of interactivity based on the film, and with links to online archive material, the resource provides learners with an exciting opportunity to develop skills of close reading and analysis whilst finding out more about this key moment in the US civil rights movement.
Activities are designed to build students’ awareness of the significance of this period in history and help to develop their knowledge and understanding of how primary sources can inform contemporary filmmaking.

The online resource is now available HERE.

Our thanks to Pathe UK for making this resource possible

Holocaust Memorial Day (27/1/15) – teaching resources

70 years ago, on the 27th January 1945, Russian forces liberated Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. The theme of this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day, to take place on the 27th January, is memory.

Film has played an important part in keeping the memory of the Holocaust alive – be it actuality footage, documentaries or feature films.

All of these moving image “memories” need to be examined and questioned, particularly where feature films are concerned.

The Thinking Film – thinking History teaching resource is one of many downloadable resources on The Film Space website which we hope will allow you to explore issues surrounding film, memory, representation and the Holocaust.

The Thinking Film – thinking History teaching and learning resource is suitable for students from Year 9 upwards. It comprises downloadable resources of sensitively chosen film extracts from a wide range of films focusing on the Holocaust curriculum-focused activities and Teachers’ Notes.

The resource enable students to develop transferrable skills in approaching, analysing and evaluating moving image texts as historical sources. Activities extend students’ skills of historical enquiry and develop their understanding of key concepts such as representation, significance and interpretation.

Thinking Film – thinking History helps improve students’ engagement and attainment in History by using the medium of film to generate knowledge and understanding about the Holocaust and is available free HERE.

A video designed as a short online CPD module, offering an overview of the resource with suggestions for classroom use and links to curriculum and specifications can be viewed HERE

Clips from the following films are included in the downloadable resource:

Night and FogFateless, Cabaret, Shoah, Good, Judgement at Nuremberg, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, Defiance, the PianistThe CounterfeitersSchindler’s List and Into the Arms of Strangers.

A broad selection of Holocaust related teaching materials is accessible on then enter ‘holocaust’ in the search bar.

Teaching Trailers Winter 2014/15

The Winter edition of the popular TEACHING TRAILERS is available HERE.

With over 2,000 users in the past month the Primary and Secondary editions feature 30 trailers for current and forthcoming cinema releases.

Teaching Trailers Primary is suitable for pupils aged 5-11 and relevant to English and Computing with flexible resources that have instant application in the classroom.

Trailers featured in Teaching Trailers Secondary can be used as the focus of engaging, curriculum relevant activities for use in English, Media and Film Studies.

Our thanks to the Film Distributors’ Association and individual film distributors for making this edition of Teaching Trailers possible.


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