Newsletter February 2015

Behind the Film Industry Conference – save the date

By popular demand we are bringing back Film Education’s Behind the Film Industry conference, a unique opportunity for you to meet key figures in the UK film industry presenting case studies of current and forthcoming films – from production to distribution and exhibition.

When: Tuesday 7th July 2015

Where: University of Westminster, Regent Street, London

Careers presentations for the next wave of school leavers (17/18+)

The Film Distributors’ Association is presenting a seminar on potential career opportunities in film distribution in the UK

The one-day Introduction to film distribution and film marketing provides an insight into the business of connecting film releases with their audiences and potential career opportunities.

When: Tuesday 24th March 2015 Where: Cineworld Cinema, Haymarket, London West End

Cost: Free of charge

Feedback request

With our Teaching Trailers and Selma resources proving popular with teachers we would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Completing the respective questionnaire will help us ensure that future resources continue to meet your needs and those of the film distributors commissioning such resources.

If you have 5 minutes to complete the short questionnaires it would be greatly appreciated and you may be one of the 10 randomly selected participants to receive DVD’s and film related material as a small thank you.

The TEACHING TRAILERS – Primary questionnaire can be accessed here

The TEACHING TRAILERS – Secondary questionnaire can be accessed here

The SELMA questionnaire can be accessed here

Cine Literacy Project

A great European project for Secondary schools and colleges in the London area. Click here to find out more details about the FRED AT SCHOOL film project.

Cineclub –Transition Summer Activities

Cineclub provide primary and secondary schools with a wide range of filmmaking education programmes across the year. Over the summer holidays we focus on delivering a range of activities aimed at students transitioning from Primary to Secondary education. Our projects are especially relevant to Secondary schools using Pupil Premium funding to assist in the transition of FSM students from local feeder Primary Schools.

Cineclub – Lightbulb Days – Switching students on to learning!

Cineclub’s brand new Lightbulb Days are designed to engage a whole year group with film activities. Focusing on a theme, subject area or key text chosen by the school, the activities combine filmmaking and analysis to switch students on to specific aspects of the curriculum by getting them excited about learning. This project is ideal as an end of term challenge or for linking up work with a national celebration or awareness day.