Cineclub –Transition Summer Activities

Cineclub provide primary and secondary schools with a wide range of filmmaking education programmes across the year. Over the summer holidays we focus on delivering a range of activities aimed at students transitioning from Primary to Secondary education. Our projects are especially relevant to Secondary schools using Pupil Premium funding to assist in the transition of FSM students from local feeder Primary Schools.

We set out to inspire and motivate young people with digital low budget filmmaking activities. Our projects can last from one day to two weeks in length and focus on developing learners’ key skills such as teamwork and problem solving. In addition to the enormous benefits of participating in film projects our curriculum-linked projects can also help build up maths and literacy skills.

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“We wanted to provide our students with something that would inspire them and get them to interact with each other. I have noticed that throughout the week students improved their listening skills, and learnt to work as a team. This project had a very tangible end product, and they all have worked hard to make the very best product that they can. I am over the moon with what Cineclub have delivered throughout the two weeks!”