Tomorrow When the War Began

Level: Secondary, 12-16

Subjects: English, Media, PSHEE

The educational website and supporting downloadable content designed for learners aged 12-16 features teaching materials exploring the film Tomorrow When The War Began.

This resource encourages young people to reflect personally and critically on the characters, relationships and ideas presented in the film.

This resource places a strong focus on pupil-led discussion so the PSHEE activities are also suitable for English teachers aiming to promote speaking and listening opportunities.

Tomorrow When the War Began follows the journey of eight high school friends in a coastal country town whose lives are suddenly and violently upended by an invasion that no one saw coming. Cut off from their families and their friends, these eight extraordinary teenagers must learn to escape, survive and fight back against hostile military forces.

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Director:   Stuart Beattie

Starring:   Caitlin Stasey, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Lincoln Lewis

BBFC classification: 12A

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