Disc based resources now available to download

Since the closure of Film Education, many of you have contacted us regarding the interactive CD’s and DVD’s that Film Education produced. Many of these have been unavailable for quite a while.

We are pleased to say that it is now possible for you to download the content of the discs for use in the classroom here on The Film Space website.

Here are some points to note when you download the content:

The downloadable content is in large files that on average take at least 30 minutes to download, depending on connection. Alas, with the exception of “Shakespeare in Performance” and “Tomorrow When The War Began”, some components of the resources do not work on Mac’s or tablets that have new operating software installed. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether to download them.

DVD ROMs – “Shakespeare in Performance” and “Tomorrow When the War Began” operate best if copied onto a DVD disc.

Please refer to the ‘READ ME’ documents for guidance once you have downloaded the content. That apart, we hope you and your students find them useful and enjoyable.

Please get in touch with us with any requests or issues you may have regarding downloads and to be informed as we add more content.