Freedom to vote is a human right that has had to be fought for in many places in the world. People have risked their lives for this right.

Watch this clip in which the character Annie Lee Cooper goes to register to vote in Selma, Alabama. As you watch, try to identify how her freedom to vote is denied.


Oprah Winfrey who is well known in the US and the UK plays the role of Annie Lee Cooper. Watch this featurette in which she explains why she was keen to undertake this role.


Using the following links, find out as much as you can about Annie Lee Cooper and put together a fact sheet about her fight for freedom.

Montgomery Advertiser articleWikipedia entryWashington Post article

Another key female character in the film is Diane Nash who played a significant role in the US civil rights movement. What can you find out about her contribution to the African-American fight for freedom? Create a fact sheet about Diane Nash.

Stanford University articleVideo about Diane NashWikipedia entry