In the UK, civil rights refer to the rights of British citizens enshrined in civil law. These include the right of everyone age 18 and over to vote at local, national and European level; rights protected by the Human Rights Act 1998; and the rights of young people and children.

The US civil rights movement refers to African-American social movements starting in the 1950s that aimed to end racial segregation and discrimination against black Americans. These movements set out to ensure the citizenship rights in the Constitution and federal law applied to everyone irrespective of skin colour.


There were major campaigns of civil resistance from 1954 – 1968. Before attempting the task, familiarise yourself with the interactive timeline then put the following key events into chronological order. You can check your answers until you have them all correct.


Now watch this short clip from the film. How does it create anticipation about the significance of Selma in the fight for civil rights?