[cert 15, 126 mins]

The international greed which surrounds the global oil industry is explored in this film that trails the corruption from the backrooms of Washington DC, to the petroleum-rich fields of the Middle East. Gulf Prince Nasir is in favour of reforming his nation, making them more self-sufficient rather than US-reliant. The western powers cannot let this happen so they send CIA agent Bob Barnes (George Clooney) to assassinate Prince Nasir and reinstate US ties in the oil-rich region. Following multiple stories and characters, Syriana looks at the dodgy business deals, murder and injustice that are rife in the oil world today.

Director:Stephen Gaghan

Starring:George Clooney, Matt Damon

Level:AS, A2, KS4

Subjects:Citizenship, Economics, Film Studies, Geography, Media Studies

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