[cert 15, 86 mins]

Bullet Boy views life through the eyes of two
brothers and twelve-year-old Curtis which takes
place over a couple of days and changes their lives.
Ricky has completed a year in jail for stabbing a
man in an affray and is picked up from a rural
prison by his best friend, the ironically named
Wisdom, a drug dealer and petty criminal. Curtis
has bunked off school and stowed away in
Wisdom’s car. His emergence from the darkness of
the car’s boot in which he’s locked is a metaphor
for the possibility of his own release from a society
and set of false values in which he’s trapped. For
Ricky, on the other hand, there is little chance of

Director:Saul Dibb

Starring:Ashley Walters, Luke Fraser, Leon Black

Level:AS, A2, KS4

Subjects:English, Film Studies, Media Studies

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