Welcome to InCinema 2016, an educational resource based on the Film Distributors’ Association Yearbook 2017. The FDA Yearbook is packed with up to date research, statistics, film campaign imagery and other information.

This online resource makes use of some of the fascinating facts and figures about what UK cinema audiences chose to see in 2016 and we explore a variety of issues arising from the statistics.

The resource, which has been produced with the support of FDA, is aimed at students of Film and Media Studies aged 14-18.

Please note all the pages from the FDA Yearbook referenced in this resource and Teachers' notes can be downloaded as a single zip archive. Download ZIP (8MB)

The FDA Yearbook 2017

The Film Distributors Association’s 2017 Yearbook contains an amazing array of statistics and information on what happened at the cinema in the UK in 2016.

These statistics form the basis of this resource. However, the Yearbook contains much more information.

Download the complete FDA Yearbook in PDF format